When in Sydney....

Tonight my significant other and I were going to meet one of the Sydney noders, the venerable Kalen. Unfortunately the poor man had to jump last minute into a plane taking him to LAX to attend a wedding or two, so he organised us UncleM to stand in for him. Supposedly meeting at 19:30 at Prasit's Northside on Crown, a wonderful Thai restaurant, we of course missed UncleM twice, as we were expecting the different phenotype of Kalen. But after I switched on my booming voice shoutinng for Kalen, the Uncle finally revealed himself to us and off we went:

Prasit's Northside on Crown is a small take away with some added seats upstairs and specialises in Sydney Thai cuisine. Wonderful. The cramped and loud surroundings were fun to be in and were a nice change to the serene and elegant atmosphere at Sneff's Joint.

Over Red Duck Curry, Prawns and Turmeric Vegetable Curry we talked about the fact that "coding is godly", this place and Sydney. UncleM was not only a gentlemanly and knowledgeable noder, he also had a wonderful dry sense of humour, which he decided to continue to provide us with at a bar just around the corner.

Happily filled with Thai food and slightly tipsy we bid our goodbyes.

Thanks for having us, UncleM.