Hi all.

The last week has been splendid: having a week off, I finally managed to get back to trying to install various Linux flavours on my new computer (ECS Via KT600A board, 512 ram), which turned out to be trickier than I thought: turns out that the Maxtor 40 g drive I bought new has problems with the NTFS partitioning of Windows XP, and even Maxblast, their inhouse HD-tool didn't solve that problem. So I had to dive back into the machine and exchange jumpers on the HD to exchange Master and Slave settings. After that it worked ok and I got the XP Installation going. Next was Linux: Suse for some weird reason had problems wit the onboard audio and somehow refused to start properly, Mepis didn't like the 2 IDE drive setup and Ubuntu completely ignored the Geforce 5700 which would have led me to perform Kerneltweaks I really wasn't happy with. Debian Woody has old desktops, Gentoo is way too complicated, so it was back to good old Knoppix 3.6, which not only ran beautifully, but also recognised all hardware and installed itself speedily on my second HD (thanks to a nifty new script).

But why did I have to get a new Graphic Card? Because the used medium range Nvidia MX I bought was only able to play Doom 3 with, er 5 FPS. This was of course pathetic, so I got a new Geforce 5700 from my new favourite mail order shop and exchanged the two cards. But now Doom3 showed only the grey screen of death. Even updating the machine to DirectX 9.c, the newest Nvidia drivers and the Doom3 1.1 patch and changing the screen resolution didn't help:

Doom3 is for me a non starter.

Pretty frustrating.

Oh well, back to Ask the Pilot's new book.