It's amazing: the normally pretty pro-Bush weekly "the Economist" (after last week demanding Donald Rumsfeld's resignation) this week wrote "the neo-conservative moment is surely drawing to a close".

This is the first sign that the Economist (which is, although economically quite neo-liberal, pretty conservative in an american "republican" sort of way when it comes to foreign policy) finally realising that the current US administration is not tolerable (and never has been) to represent the western world and ethics, and - which is the worst thing for the Economist and its readers- it is upsetting the world markets.

Another little sign of the growing unease of the Economist with the republicans is the publication of an extract of a study called "IQ and the wealth of Nations" by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen, which showed that the 7 US states with the highest average IQ (between 113 (Conneticut)and 105) voted Al Gore while the 10 with the lowest IQ's (90 to 85. Mississippi, how low can you go?) voted Bush.

Case closed.