Well, the search for a decent Linux distro is finally over: After long to - and froing Suse 8.2 (and soon 9.1) has finally made it onto the HD of Stinker (the compi in question) and stayed there for more than 4 weeks. It's just beautiful: stable, secure, good looking (thanks to KDE) and so far I had no compatibility probs with the rest of my setup.

Well, not quite.

There is the little problem of the two Wlan cards I bought. Two so called "Cameo WLB-1201"'s, now sitting in Stinker and Stinker2 (don't ask). There's only one problem: they lack pretty much any support for Linux (The Custodian called them "Taiwan Trash"). There's a Linuxant Driver (for which they charge) which seems to be working and the ndis-project, which might just be a bit too tricky for me. Nevertheless, things are now ready and set-up: There's a wireless router serving my cottage (and probably half the community) with a WLAN connection, protected by a US Robotics firewall from the outside, Stinker standing in the study running Suse and connected via WLAN to the net (even sporting a working printer!). Stinker2 is an old Cyrix686 machine with 64MB running Suse barebone and being used as a CD-Player and MP3 Player, standing somewhere in the livingroom (after some extensive repainting of the case to fit in with my neomodernist minimalist interior), controlled by either Stinker or an G4 Ibook that's just lying around the place, connected via Wlan to the Router. This has the added benefit that I can listen to my favourite Radio4 programs in bed via the Ibook. Perfect for a lazy sunday.

Speaking about BBC Radio 4:

Last Friday, "Any Questions" came from the Normandy (to celebrate D-Day), and they had a "historian" called Andrew Roberts on the panel, who, when one of the panelists (who happened to be Dr Ulrike Guerot from the German Marshall Fund, a rather trans-atlantic leaning organisation) spoke about the Euro being one of the domineering currencies worldwide, said that he shudders when he hears a German speak about domination.

Now how bigotted is that? That's exactly the sort of bashing that the right wing tabloid press in the UK has been doing for decades, and will probably never stop. Fortunately the audience was pretty upset by this and shouted "Shame" after that sneering comment. Dr Guerot was quite restraint in her answer, saying that she would rather see the UK as an domineering member of the EU than as a Dollar-wielding 52 state of the U.S.

Very true.

Go Girl!