Urgh. What a bad day for Britain.

Today, for the second time in 7 years, I have been ashamed being a voluntary citizen of the UK.

The first time was 7 months ago, when the Blair government took part in the attack on Iraq after constructing an unbelievable case of an threatening arabic state being able to deploy weapons of mass destruction in 45 minutes (on what? Slough?) , aided by a warmongering American president.

Today was worse: the inquiry into the death of David Kelly, the biological/chemical weapon specialist who spoke to Andrew Gilligan of the BBC, whitewashed the British government from any blame, although there was significant evidence that Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair, Geoff Hoon and their civil servants screwed around with the decisive report that convinced MP's to let Blair go to war. This is on the scale of totalitarian governments and unbelievable. This will leave me thinking hard about my future home.

What made it worse was the complete breakdown of traffic in London due to 1 cm of snow and temperatures of -1 Celsius. The British authorities knew for five days that a significant bad weather front was coming up, but failed completely to react to the challenge. So this morning, the whole of London was not moving : street-traffic didn't move because the roads weren't cleared. The trains weren't running because - well, the trains never run when it there's a temperature shift of five degrees.

So, the evidence shows: third world infrastructure with a government to match.