A superb jazz-funk outfit

Innershade is another musical planet rotating around around the sun of Jean Paul "Bluey" Maunick, the man behind Incognito, Maysa and Citrus Sun. Their first release, "4 corners", came out in 1998 in Japan and two years later in the US.

Bluey said about this album:

"In this last two years I formed my own record label, Rice Records, just to keep that Incognito dream, of being bigger than just a band, alive. I've got vocalist Maysa's solo album coming out this summer, and InnerShade is out on the label too. Other projects like InnerShade allow us to write more songs, try out different ideas, and keep the overall dream alive. The kind of music we play with Incognito, it's not going to be for the masses. There's a sophistication to the sound, but it's also slightly left of center, so it's going to be for the underground really."

You could say that this is Incognito, just that the musicians are let to play on a longer leash.