Young Bulgaro-German Airline with one Route and no Airplanes

Since the liberalisation of the airways by the European Union the number of new routes over Europe have exploded, thanks to pioneering airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet. Ryanair alone now offers 146 destinations to 18 countries, but the uptake has been slow in the countries of the former Warsaw Pact, but now with the slow economical and political ascension of these countries, demand for new routes have increase.

Bexx Air hopes to profit from that: at the moment, Bulgaria is still pretty much touristic hinterland, apart from some grotty ski - resorts catering for money strapped britons and seventies concrete sins on their black sea coast serving drunken englishmen cheap beer, so Bexx Air seems to be targetting the large bulgarian diaspora in Germany and The Netherlands, serving them with cheap fares from Niederrhein Airport to Sofia.

There's only one problem: the airline doesn't own a single plane, so the plane spotters on Niederrhein Airport have a great time snapping up pictures of a chartered Airbus A320 by Balkan Holidays, a BAE 146 by HemusAir, a Antonov AN 24 from (wait for it:) Dandy Air and a Tupulev TU-154.

At the moment there's only the Niederrrhein - Sofia route which is getting served twice a month, but the german owned management is planning to extend the routes all over eastern Europe.

Postscriptum: Not surprisingly, Bexxair shut down early 2005