Well, it has been a long time since I had the time and patience to sit down and distribute my thoughts around e2 (not that anybody reads this anyway) and share a little insight into my (digital) life.

The acquisition of Suse 9.1 was a total success! My partner is extremely happy with the distribution and, as a monocultural Windows user, has instantly found a liking to KDE 3.2's intuitive GUI, OpenOffice's modus operandi and the gazillions of little things that make Linux such a pleasure (lack of dialers, virii, trojans, worms and other Microsoft specific little annoyances). The whole thing is pretty secure, with the wireless network (ok, that's a security risk, but our wifi signal barely makes a transmission outside the house, so that's ok) and the main workstation (which has ssh/telnet/ftp disabled) sitting behind a US-Robotics firewall. The G4 Ibook, running OpenBSD and OS X (depending on wether I need wireless or not) is pretty safe anyway, so the only real security problems at present would be ultra-rare Linux virii, or maybe a site able to hijack Konqueror (or Safari).

Or someone could break into our little cottage and take the computers, but again, this is rural New Zealand and pretty unlikely.

We have started to write a 30 minute documentary on British medical graduates leaving the NHS and are planning a set of interviews with some british expatriates working in New Zealand, to characterise the difference between the two countries and healthservices. Recorded, produced and edited on the Ibook, we will offer this to a set of radio stations and publish it on the the public radio exchange, for the global radio community to help itsself.

Who knows, a little side career in broadcasting might just be what I need to diversify and make life more interesting.