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(Also Djehuty, Tehuti, Thot, Thout, Zehuti, Djhowtey)

”Lord of Time”
“Silver Aten”
“Reckoner of Years”

Thoth is an [Egyptian] [creator god] ([Khemenu]) and [lunar] god, credited with inventing [writing], timekeeping, music, magic, art, medicine, mathematics and astronomy. His attributes are a writing [palette] or a [palm] leaf. This [deity] was regarded as the protector of all knowledge, as well as the giver of knowledge and the tongue of [Re]. [Hieroglyph]s were [sacred] to him, and he would punish [scribe]s who abused their writing and reading skills (writing was considered very powerful). He also protected teachers and other distributors of [knowledge].

Thoth was himself a scribe in the [Ennead]. He records the [soul]s that enter the [Duat] ([underworld]), as well as assisting in the Hall of Two Truths, where he records the proceedings and announces to Osiris the results of the weighing of the deceased’s heart against [the feather of Ma´at]. His most important role is that of author of the [Book of the Dead].

This deity played an interesting role in the formation of the [calendar year]. A master [negotiator] (and settler of disputes), he petitioned and won five extra days from the moon to complete a year of 365 days. In other legends he settled disputes between the gods themselves. In one myth, he protected [Isis] during her [pregnancy] and then healed [Horus] when [Seth] tore out his eye.

Thoth is often depicted as a man with the head of an [ibis] or a [baboon] of the [genus] [Cynocephalis]. In both cases he is shown with a crescent moon surrounding a full moon above his head. He carries a pen and [scroll]s. The association with the [baboon] is thought to be due to the tendency of these animals to “greet” the sunrise by raising their arms and “singing” to it.

His [consort]s are either [Ma´at] (who personified [balance], [justice] and order) or [Seshat] (the goddess of writing, measuring and foundations). Thoth produced eight children, the most import of which was [Amun].

Thoth was later identified and combined with the [Greek] god [Hermes] as Hermes Trismegistos (Hermes the [thrice] great), and was popular in medieval alchemy.

Cult Center: Eshmunen or Hermopolis

Festivals: (exact dates not historically verified)
19th July - 1st Thuti – [Feast] of Thoth
6th August - 19th Thuti - Chief [Festival] of Thoth
20th August - 3rd Paopi - Thoth orders the healing of the [eye of Horus]
23rd October - 7th Koiak – [Ceremony] of Thoth
13th December - 28th Tybi - Day of Thoth's taking the [oath]
14th December - 29th Tybi - Thoth sends [Bast] and [Sekhmet] to guide [Egypt]
24th January - 10th Pamenot - Day of [Coming] of Thoth
3rd April - 19th Pachons - Day of the Counting of Thoth Who heard [Ma´at]
14th May - 30 Payni - Thoth appears with [Shu] to bring back [Tefnut]