That silly Matthew
always fixated on breasts
Matthew the breast-man

I like boobs a lot
so what? They feel good, oh yeah.
I want some to feel.

Werd mah brotha Matt.
I could go for some feelage.
Alas, none at hand.

Punny word play man.
Starting a breast feeling club.
Would benefit all.

Who is in the club?
The feelers? Or the felt too?
Sign me up, I'm in.

Chicks can join up too
They must feel themselves of course.
And bras are not allowed.

If they feel themselves
there will be no room for us.
I feel all left out.

I need some service
Has nothing to do with goods
lots to do with chicks

This boob club sounds fun
I will fully endorse it
let's try it at once!

I suppose this deserves some sort of explanation. While sitting in ethics class, bored out of our skulls, a classmate and I began conversing in Haiku. (and bad Haiku at that) The results, as you can see, were interesting.

By hating ethics class, do I automatically set myself up to be a wholly unethical person?