Chocolate Cake - Shot

I haven't tried a wide variety of drinks at this point in time, so saying that it's the strangest drink I've ever had isn't saying a lot. It's the strangest drink I've ever had. I had this my first(and so far only) time at a bar called Casino El Camino in Austin, Texas. The friend of mine who was buying advertised it as tasting like chocolate cake but without containing any actual chocolate. I tried it and he was right. It tastes surprisingly like the food of the same name. I asked the waitress about it and got a list of the ingredients. Try one for yourself, if you can.

Supplies Needed:

To Make:

  • Mix the two alcohols into a shot.

  • Coat the lemon slice in sugar.

To Enjoy:

  • Pound back the shot.
  • Suck on the lemon.