In light of the internment of Japanese Americans, the firebombing of Dresden, and the use of atomic bombs, was it hypocritical of the Allies to try Nazis for war crimes?

To an extent, it was. I don't have much sympathy for Nazis, however, I would say that America’s internment camps were a far cry from the concentration and death camps of the Third Reich. However, the bombing of Dresden and events such as Hiroshima are actions that are equivalent to the horrors of Germany’s air raids of their territories. So in a sense, the Nuremberg Trials were a bit hypocritical, at least on America’s part, to charge Nazis with war crimes and put them to death.

In World War II, America didn’t support Japan at all when they were trying to build up the economy again, and furthermore, they stripped Japan‘s defense down to their police forces.

However, we did not go in and persecute the Japanese-Americans. We did not gas them, we did not beat them in the streets, we did not do absurd medical tests on them. Although America’s ways of prejudice were not as brutal as those of the Nazis, America has a bad habit of accusing others for wrongdoing while they, too, turn around and do the same thing.