Pattie Boyd was born in 1944. She was a model and actress (sort of) in the Sixties.

Pattie was in a movie. A big movie. As Big as the Beatles. Well, it was the Beatles. However, her role was small: In A Hard Day's Night, her role was credited as "Girl on train." Ten minutes into A Hard Day's Night, she was told the lads are really prisoners; she replied, "Prisoners?," looked confused, and ran off. Five minutes later she sits on a crate, trying to look cute while hiding her star-struck emotions, as the boys serenade her with "I Should Have Known Better" in between their card game. and then she was never seen in a film again

But is this the end? oh, no no, far from it! While filming, Pattie caught the eye of Beatle George Harrison, who promptly asked her for a date. She turned him down, because she had a boyfriend. (uh...stupid..)

But George's persistance paid off. A year later she and George were living together And soon they were married, when Pattie was 21. Inspired by her love, George wrote classic songs, like "I Need You", "For You Blue" and, of course, "Something"

But it doesn't end even here.

Pattie and George were busted in 1969 for marijuana possession. naughty, nauhgty... Pattie and George were also said to have been at the infamous "Stones Party" that brought notoriety to Marianne Faithfull.....

No, no, no it doesn't end yet.

Pattie divorced George Harrison in '77 (idiot?) and married another rock star, Eric Clapton, in '79. Clapton said:

"Pattie was just trying to get George's attention, get him jealous, and so she used me. The problem was that I soon fell madly in love with her. He'd been into ... meditation for so long and yet couldn't keep his wife. All she wanted was for him to say 'I love you,' and all he was doing was meditating." What came out of all this? Well, struggling with his unrequieted love for Pattie, Clapton wrote the long love ballad "Layla" for her.

The things a guy has got to do for a girl's attention!

Not the end. Clapton became a raging alchoholic in the late 1980s, causing he and Pattie's divorce.

okay. That's the end.