A song that wakes me up in the middle of the night with John Lennon's loud yelp.

Also The Beatles' second movie, which I watched last night:

Ringo Starr recieves a ring from a fan from the far east ("an eastern bird"), who, unknowingly to Ringo, is to be sacrificed... but wait! Just as the knife is being brought to the neck of this lady, Ahme, sister of the sacrificee shouts: "The Ring! She cannot be sacrificed without the ring!" This puts the High Priest of the godess Kaili, Klang, in a furor.

His "arrangments for his immediate departure" to England are made.

When in England, we find the boys: John, Paul, George, and Ringo entering their home. Paul waves to bystanders, and then appears at an organ rising out of the ground...

George instructs a man to mow his lawn by his bed... with those little walking teeth.

John goes to a bookshelf, grabs a book within a book, and proceeds to kiss it.

Ringo tries to get a sandwich... But who appears from behind the sandwich machiney thingie? AHME!, who then bites Ringo's hand, trying to remove the ring. "Ouch! Hey!" Ringo shouts.
"She's got my hand!"
John then retorts:
"Don't bring things down to your level, it's immature."
"I just wanted a sandwich." Ringo says.

Enough of analyzing the scene. I'll sum it up like this: When trying to remove the ring, the Beatles encounter a mad scientist with his own plans for the ring:

"With a ring like that I could...dare I say..rule the world!" He is accompanied by a clumsy round man: "You'll thank me in the end." he continually chirps before all their failed missions.

Ahme proves to be more of a cohort to the boys, rather than an enemy, keeping them away from Klang, who now just wants to paint Ringo red and slaughter him. "I knew it was you buzzin', you naughty boy!" "Help...." Ringo yells as he is toted away once again.

George, ironically acts like a miser in this film, gambling and making others pay... "No, don't give him the ring, it's worth a couple a barb at least..."

But, at least a romantic miser.. "I'm getting winked at more these days. That used to be you Paul, didn't it?"

Paul, as usual, is just a pimp. He constantly flirts with Ahme, although she started it... "not the Beatle with the ring, he?" "unfortunatley not (wink wink)" "(confused look from Paul)"

John is his witty self: "You've failed us, scientist!"
"You and your filty eastern ways!"
"not the wheel!" "Even the Royal House of Hanover had the wheel, sir."

So, summing this up, it's funny as hell if you're a Beatles fan, and just confusing if you're not.

"You can see a lot of the world from railings." -Ringo