Her mother writes in her baby book at the age of 3 months, "fair, wise, good, gay, child born on Sunday".  Her journey begins at 10:55am on July 28, 1968 in a little hospital nestled quaintly in the mountains of West Virginia.  She was born to a mother separated from her husband because he abandoned her with 2 children, one a boy the age of 2 and pregnant with her second child.  Here new home would be a tavern where there would be 4 generations of women, of Cherokee descent living under one roof.  There were wild tales of the great grandmother living among and talking to spirits on a daily basis and beer brawls happening all around.

One day a handsome young man enters the bar and begins to court her mother.  After a stint of time, he begins to learn more about each child and grows to love them.  He marries their mother and adopts her and her brother.  They begin their happy lives together with no trace of the biological father.

36 years later, this young child has grown into a woman and has ventured out on her own, stricken with mental disorders and marries 3 times herself.  Finally, settling down with her third husband who helps her stay somewhat sane (whatever that is).  She is very happy, having her 13 year old son to spend the summer with her and her trusty husband always by her side.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, she receives an e-mail from someone spouting something about a "happy birthday" and a signature of "Love, Dad" and it didn't come from her father.  It came from that man who had abandoned her 36 years ago.  What was she to say to this man who had never left her a penny, a birthday card, a Christmas card...nothing as much as a "welcome to this world".

Her only response can be:  "Thank you for your birthday greeting but it comes about 36 years too late.  You never so much as sent me a penny, a birthday card, a Christmas card or so much as a "welcome to this world" so I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone.  I don't hate you in any way shape or form.  I thank you for not coming around so that I could be adopted by a wonderful man.  As for the "Love, Dad" signature, you can't love someone that you don't know and you certainly aren't my Dad, so please don't address yourself as being so.  I have a father.  His name is H**** B**** and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I just don't desire to have you in any facet of my life."

Now, after 36 years of waiting to address her biological sperm donor, she has finally told him what she thinks and she feels so damn good for doing so.