Mental Health Awareness

The purpose of my writeup is to make the community more aware of mental illnesses and the problems associated with having a mental illness. I am not a medical professional but from my life experiences I should be. Really I'm just a spokesperson for the mentally ill.

We have to deal with:
I. Stigma
II. Discrimination
III. Lack of Resources for Treatment

Through awareness, there is hope for educating and helping others with and without mental illnesses.

Definition of Stigma: brand; mark of disgrace; stain on character. (Webster's Dictionary)

Definition of Stigma: The shameful act of discriminating against someone. An ugly act which violates the human rights of another individual by inflicting discrimination. Something which is wrong and which will not be tolerated. (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill's definition)

Definition for Discrimination: Single out for special favor or disfavor; distinguish between; be discerning.

How Would You Feel?

Describe in your mind your honest emotions when you see a person walking down the street in rags, talking nonsense, and moving about strangely. Have you ever made fun of one of those people? Did it make you feel better? THIS IS STIGMA and DISCRIMINATION.

That person could very well be mentally ill with an illness such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, among several others which I will write further on in the future.

There used to be a terrible lack of resources for mental illnesses but now thanks to the World Wide Web you can find most anything pertaining to them. Do a little research and learn about a friend.