Here we are driving the six miles to my husband's parent's house in the middle of a frightening thunderstorm and to our bewilderment we look to our left and see a magnificent rainbow with its vibrant colors.  They were so illuminated and close that it felt like we could just reach out and touch them.  We could also see both ends, the entire arch of the rainbow, and the reflection off of it that made it look like a double rainbow.  Oh, what a sight to see.  This is the second time this year during a terrible storm that we have seen the sun shine through and show us a brilliant rainbow.  I have never seen one like them in my 36 years of life.  It was at that moment that we both looked at each other and said "I wish we had the camera"!

After our splendid ride to town, we end up being locked out of the house because my 81 year old father-in-law is in the hospital due to a tumor in his bladder.  He has several other health problems but this just happens to be the one containing him in the hospital at this time.  We have a key, but my husband forgot to put it on his keychain.  The reason he didn't have it on his keychain to begin with is that my 13 year old son was here for 2 months this summer and we went to Bluff Falls Water Park.  My husband wanted to avoid the act of losing any valuables such as keys, so, he had the very least amount of keys and money he could carry to avoid error.

So, my husband goes next door to borrow the phone and call his brother to come and let us in the house.  After he returned, we decided to sit on the front porch of my in-law's house amongst all of their beautiful flowers that they have suffered over all spring and summer to keep growing.  We sat there and behold, a hummingbird flies right by our heads and lands on the hummingbird feeder, then decides to sit quietly on a branch nearby, only to return moments later to the feeder.  It was a nice 74 degrees and cloudy due to the storm but the storm had subsided and evening was near.

Eventually my brother-in-law arrived and we entered the house to get the printer that had been delivered that day for us.  On our travel home, darkness appeared and the rainbow and storm had passed.  I felt a sense of sadness that the rainbow was gone, however, the thought of the storm passing and being almost to the comforts of home made me happy.  I can't imagine a more frustrating yet delightful way of spending an evening.