I walk over to him to say goodbye before leaving for work. The red dress I'm wearing is shorter than usual. With matching red heels, it showcases my long, shapely legs.

He laughs.

I ask him why he's laughing. He responds, "Your dress is short!"

Confused, I ask him whether he thinks I have the legs to carry it off. He tells me that I do. He doesn't say anything more, but then he laughs yet again.

Once upon a time he adored by legs. Now I'm lucky if I get a second glance. Hell, I'm lucky if I get a FIRST glance!

As I kiss him goodbye and walk out the door, I realize I'm weary of the stinging pain and humiliation of rejection. Anger and sorrow are intermingled in my heart.

I will see the one who desires me today, perhaps for the last time. I have not given in to that desire. But I also know that he will not laugh when he sees me in my short, red dress.