There is, to my mind, a distinctive flavour of 'pink'.

By and large it masquerades as strawberry. Now how ridiculous is that? Just think of a few examples:

Now think of some examples of what strawberry really tastes like:

  • A strawberry
  • Good Strawberry ice cream

Do the two lists bear any kind of taste resemblance? Not to my palate. So if the former list does not taste of strawberry, what does it taste of? It can only be categorised as being its own separate flavour: the flavour 'pink'.

Revision (all of about 10 minutes later): Albert Herring informs me that in his household, the flavour pink exists as oikolect. This is such a splendid word that I demand it be formally introduced to the english language at once.

Oikolect, this is the english language. English language, this is oikolect.