The great thing about still being in school is that I can really look forward to short, meaningless holidays, such as our mid-term break that's just past. Because I'm a boarder (yes, so pity me) I get ten days. Yes, ten, with which to do what I please. And it just so happened that my parents were going off to Hong Kong for a few days. Strictly business though. I managed to persuade them to get me a ticket too. I stayed on a while longer than they did. Strictly pleasure.

The reason I wanted to go back to Hong Kong is because I used to live there. And about a week before we moved back to Britain, I finally went out with this amazing girl on whom I had been crushing heavily for quite a while. It didn't really go anywhere, but we have spent the past three years sending letters every single week. This is quite an amount of communication. Then in January I stopped in HK for three days on the way back from Bali. (Yes, I get great holidays. So sue me.) Guess who I decided to meet?

It got better and better. She was coming to England for a while in summer. But it was during term time, and so we were reduced to phone calls, and then, when she carried on to Belgium, text messaging. We steadily got more and more intense over the summer, just as another almost-relationship of mine fizzled out. Then this. This was another step above. This week was some of the most amazing time I have ever spent with anyone.

It wasn't all mad passion. Some was. But not all. There was enough just taking moonlit walks and holding hands. We spent so much time together that her family got jealous. We did all the things that I had always wanted to do with her: we went out for a really nice dinner together, we took a boat out and rowed into a little beach, and we even waterskied. We took dinner at her house and I was very polite to her parents. And we also spent a ridiculous amount of time just entwined in each others arms.