At the request of The Cow, our saga continues today. Well, yesterday, really, but there you go. I have node lag: at least six hours must elapse between me doing something and getting round to noding it.

As those of you who read yesterday's daylog will know, I have been assigned a mission: to find Nick George, and convince him that Winchester College isn't a bad place after all. Having failed to find him by 10 minutes on Monday, we were returning on Tuesday. But this time we had a plan and some sandwiches.

We also decided to call him to check whether he would be in. We decided that the element of surprise wasn't quite as vital as the element of him being there.

We took a much shorter route to his house. This also led to it costing about a third as much on the second attempt as it did the first time. We reached his house at 3.30, a whole two hours earlier than Monday, despite a comparable start time. He was in. This was a good thing, but nothing to celebrate about, because we had called him and he said he would be. About two minutes after we sat down, the door opened. Nick murmured 'I wonder who that could be', and was slightly worried looking when we said it was probably just his sister. Why do we know the whereabouts of his family? Because she was walking down the road just behind us.

To cut a long story short, he was stubborn and closed-minded. He stuck to his story of being behind on the maths and physics, but also confessed that he felt he wouldn't have much freedom. May I just point out that this guy came 2nd in the entrance exams, so he is definitely not behind. We also get a lot of freedom, especially in the evenings, where we are allowed out into the town. So I don't quite know what his hang-up is.

We couldn't convince him. OJ's lawyers wouldn't have been able to. This was a man with a mindset. We decided to pack it in, and go and catch the 4.20 bus. When we got the bus stop at 4.10, we found that there wasn't a 4.20 bus. There was a 4.05 bus which we had just missed, and a 4.59 bus. Damn.

Sid wasn't pleased with our failure, but he accepted that we had tried. We had.