Being a student, I have lots of posters stuck up around my desk. By some sort of unwritten law, everyone must have pictures of women somewhere in their poster collection. One of the posters I have is quite an early Buffy the Vampire Slayer one. It has Buffy in the middle, and her friends up one side. One of the 'friends' is Angel. Now, I really don't like Angel much at all. Go on, downvote me, but I don't. So there. On the picture of Angel I drew a moustache and a little goatee beard. He looked much better.

The other day, I was having a conversation about this poster with Claude (he's a user here too, look up Fred Bloggs (the)). He asked me what happened if you deface a face. Does it become a nothing? This sparked off oe of the most bizarre conversations of my life:

Claude: So, if you deface a face, what happens? Does become a nothing? {Long pause}
Both of us together: And if you deface nothing does it become anti-face?
Me: And what if you deface nothing by drawing a face on it? Do the face and the anti-face cancel out?
Claude: I guess they must. So, if you deface a face with a face, it remains a face?
Me: How d'you work that out?
Claude: Well, you deface the face, making a nothing, but then add the face with which you defaced it, making a face again.
Me: Okay. So, defacing nothing with a face makes nothing, and defacing a face with a face leaves a face. So the effect of defacing something with a face is nothing!
Claude: And thus a face must equal nothing!

It confuses me now, but I think I think it made sense at the time...