I am writing this down, but I still cant believe its true. After many many many months of writing and more all-nighters than I have digits ...


I cant wait till I'm finished typing this node so I can see the html. Maybe it'll sink in then. So - its done mostly sorta. I have to give it to my committee members who get to ruminate over it and use it as a stool/doorstop for two weeks. Then on Sept 29, I defend my thesis (wish me luck!). At that point, I'll make whatever corrections the committee has found and submit the final copy for binding at the library. THEN, I'll really be done...

So, the statistics:
  • 370 pages
  • 3 main chapters
  • 4 appendices
  • 114 figures
  • 10 tables
  • i didn't number my refs so I dont know the total count but they span 23 pages
This sucker's large, although a lot of the bulk comes from putting figures on separate pages. Lessee, anything else nodable? oh, the title ...

Spectroscopic, Structural and Computational Characterization of Tryptophan NH-pi Hydrogen Bonds.

One thing I've learned during the last few weeks is:

Never complain about your thesis to someone who already did one.

Surprisingly, whenever I wanted a tinge of sympathy after a long night of pagination mistakes or printers eating random figures, all I got was an even more depressing story from them. e.g. ...

Me - "can you believe it, Dima? It's taken me almost a week to print all the pages and figures of my thesis from start to finish."
Dima (with strong Russian accent and thundering voice) - "Heh. When I was finishing thesis, took me more than month to print. Computers were not as good those days."

I didn't dare complain to my advisor, who wrote his back before there were computers or xerox machines. Maybe some day (later rather than sooner) I can enter it into the database. ugh ... Thank god its over. Now I can start working on those papers!