President of the Soviet Union from 1960 - 1964, Brezhnev apparently needed constant stroking of his ego as illustrated in the following joke:

Brezhnev woke up in the morning and looked out of his window. The sun smiled down at him and boomed, "Good morning comrade! I hope you slept well. I will try to make it a nice day for you!"

Later that day, Brezhnev stepped out for a walk and looked up at the sun. The sun smiled again and said "Hello Comrade! I hope your day has been going well so far."

Finally, that evening, as Brezhnev was heading home, he looked over to the setting sun. This time, the sun scowled and said, "I hope your day was miserable, you ugly, fat man!"

"What?! Why are you saying this to me after being so nice all day?", cried Brezhnev in alarm.

The sun replied "Aha! Don't you see? Now I am in the West!!"