my first daylog. Cheers!

All summer the campus here at Hopkins has been a war zone due to the massive renovations plans. Its amazing that they've been working so hard for the past three months and the campus looks exactly the same, except with more holes in the ground. Construction is way behind schedule, of course.

Anyways, in the past week I've noticed that trees have started getting little ribbons around them. Some are orange and some are blue. There seemed to be more orange ones than blue ones. Why two colors? My suspicions were confirmed this morning as I approached the Biology building to see two trees cut to the ground - with bright orange ribbons adorning their trunks. Between them, unscathed, was a tree with the winning blue ribbon on it.

This is starting to bother me. Why are some trees better than others? It isn't the tree's fault that it was planted somewhere that would be inconvenient to plans ten years in the future. We have some blue plumbing tape in the lab that is similar in color to the lucky-tree blue ribbons outside. Maybe I should go around campus tonight and save the trees. I will be the Lorax of Hopkins!

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