It now seems a bit of a trifle compared to what happened down in the US September 11, 2001 but it was a lot more personal, and could well have killed me. I was hit by a Semi on the Nanaimo Parkway just north of the interchange with the Trans Canada while heading to class at Malaspina University College. The crash occurred at 1:10pm PDT when the semi (in the inner of three lanes)changed lanes into me(in the middle lane) just after the inner lane from an intersection joined with the middle and outer lanes from an overpass. I was sent spinning into the grassy median area and nearly entered into an oncoming lane (fortunately there was not much traffic in either direction).

The damage to my car was a partially flat front driver side tire, loss of my side view mirror, smashed bodywork along the driver side, and the steering wheel was out of whack. After trading information with the Truck driver and a witness from the oncoming side I managed to drive along the shoulder for the short remaining distance to Malaspina and parked there. I called my Mom and then attended my remaining classes (ending at 9:00pm PDT) and was picked up by my Mom. Before leaving we informed campus security, who allowed us to leave the car in the lot until the next day.