DVD cases (I'm looking at Grand Turismo 3 while writing this) seem to have resolved the errors of CD cases but are somewhat bulkier. They are made of a tougher plastic and have an improved disk locking mechanism consisting of three large teeth connected by a button, rather than a whole lot of little ones. The case lock is stronger so you don't need to worry about it slipping open and spilling everywhere. The booklet is held in by a pair of large clips which grip the booklet's spine (this does require fairly thick booklets to work though, GT3's is about 50 pages with a thin card, rather than paper, cover). If you want to insert your own cover art or move it to a different case (in case the origional is damaged), then it is quite easy, the outside of the case has a sheet of clear plastic secured at the ends, when the case is open it goes loose and you can slide a sheet of paper underneath.

On the down side, the hinge is flexible plastic, given enough openings and closings it will eventualy snap (This has not yet happened to me though). When open, there is a posibility of the cover art sliding out. It is also MUCH bulkier.