The Junior Classical League, or JCL, is the second largest yet most obscure youth organization in the United States. Organized by high school Latin teachers and a subsidiary of the American Classical League, the JCL is committed to fostering the study of Classical Antiquities in the modern world. Catering to students grades 6-12 who study Latin and Greek, the JCL holds regional, interstate, state, and national conventions in chapters divided among states. Every year, a university hosts the national convention, a 5-7 day flurry of competition, fellowship, craziness and fun; it elects a board of student officers and is overseen by the Senior Classical League, another subsidiary of the ACL. All JCL conventions host academic testing, creative arts competitions (Such as costume contests, essay contests, dramatic recitations et al.), and a sports Olympika. All convention fees are reasonable and are often defrayed by scholarships drawn from membership dues.

As a member myself, I can do nothing but sing the praises of the organization; it has won me friends, truly fostered competition within me, and made me a better student all around. The discipline my JCL experience has given me will prepare me for college, educate my social skills, and give me something to look forward to four times a year. This is the cradle where Classics Majors are reared.

Besides, it gives one the opportunity to walk around in a toga and not be laughed at.