The third installment of the Streets of Rage series (called "Bare Knuckle" in Japan). This picks up about one year after Mr. X has once again been defeated. Robot clones of officials have been forcefully replacing their counterparts in some scheme involving Mr. X. At the same time, random bombs have been planted throughout the city, ready to detonate within a moment's notice. Blaze Fielding and Axel Stone, along with Skate Hunter and Dr. Zan are the hero team this time. The SOR3 engine is based off or SOR2, with similar framerate and graphics (if not slightly improved), and a storyline between stages. There are a possibility of 4 different endings, depending on difficulty and time restraints. IMHO, this game is better then SOR2, but not as easy. You'll notice that Axel, Blaze, and Skate are pallette swapped from their original color scheme (it's like Adam and Axel have been spliced together). There are also secret characters, including a kangaroo, Shiva (the last mini-boss before Mr. X in SOR2), and a transvestite. Of course, the transvestite has been removed from the US version of the game for obvious reasons (thus removing the most powerful character in the game), so if you wanna know what the transvestite is all about, get a Japanese import or download a Japanese version for the emulator.