Supporting character published by Marvel Comics. Willie Lumpkin first appeared in Marvel Comics Presents #18..

William Lumpkin was born and raised in the midwest of the United States. Willie, as he was known to his friends, became a postal employee, carrying the mail on rural routes near his home. Willie had bigger dreams though. He didn't want to be stuck sorting and delivering mail in the midwest for the rest of his life. He dreamed of sorting and delivering mail in a big city, like New York, Miami, or Dayton.

The only thing that was holding Lumpkin back from his dream was his love for Lila Brown, Willie's childhood sweetheart. Willie was devoted to Lila and was willing to sacrifice his dream to be with her. Luckily for him, Willie's soulmate was a bit of a floozy and had a thing for Willie's best friend, Charlie Boomer. When Willie finally proposed, Lila turned him down, professing her feelings for Charlie. Willie was crushed.

Realizing that there was nothing to keep him from following his dream of becoming an urban letter carrier, Willie struck out for the NYC and became a mailman in Manhattan. Willie worked the same route for many years with little excitement in his life.

One day, however, one of the buildings on his route got a new set of tenants. The upper floors of the Baxter Building were now being used by the Marvel Universe's premiere superhero team, the Fantastic Four. Willie was excited to be the letter carrier for the team and hoped that it would bring some excitement to his life. Upon meeting Reed Richards, the leader of the Fantastic Four, Willie offered his services as a team member based upon his ability to wiggle his ears. Mr. Fantastic told Willie that he would take it under consideration.

Though never a member of the team, Willie did inadvertently help the team on a number of occasions. Willie accidentally pressed a button that distracted the Mad Thinker at one point, allowing the heroes to escape one of the villain's traps. On another occasion, Willie accidentally activated Doctor Doom's time machine and traveled back in time, foiling the plot of a villain named Tempus.

In recent years, Willie has retired from active duty and has been enjoying some leisure time. Since his retirement, he has actually dated May Parker, the aunt of Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-Man.