A super-hero created by Dave Wood and Lee Elias and published by DC Comics. Ultra first appeared in Mystery in Space #103 in July, 1965.

In the future, the human race has mastered the technology of inter-planetary space travel. Amongst the best pilots is Ace Arn. While traveling close to an asteroid field, Arn's craft is disabled by the magnetic field of a comet. Arn crashes on a particularly large asteroid which turns out to be hollow. The asteroid serves as the base for a criminal empire led by the evil genius, Zobra.

Zobra's criminal empire is currently using blackmailing the worlds of Ulla, Laroo, Trago, and Raagan with a unique weapon that can covert whoever it is fired at into an exact likeness of the person firing it. How Zobra is using this weapon to blackmail the planets is unclear both to the reader and Zobra's four lieutenants, each one a member of one of the worlds involved. Zobra never has a chance to clarify the situation, because accidently kills himself by releasing a poison gas within the confines of the asteroid. Each of the aliens have raced to the asteroid to steal the plans for the blackmail scheme and arrived at the same time that Arn crashes his ship into the asteroid. In a fit of coincidence to large to be imagined, all four of the aliens fire Zobra's secret weapon at Arn at the exact same moment, transforming Arn into a strange amalgamation of them.

One half of Arn's upper body is transformed into a green alien with immense strength in that arm. The other half of his upper body was blue and possessed magnetic abilities. One half of his lower body has a clawed foot with a tiny wing which allowed him to fly (a la the Sub-Mariner). The other half of his lower body was composed of electricity. Using his new found powers, Arn was able to defeat the four aliens and bring them to justice. Using the first letters of all the alien races and the first letter of his own name, Arn renamed himself Ultra the Multi-Alien.

Ultra had many adventures, but mourned the loss of his humanity. He wished to be human again and to be with his girlfriend, Bonnie Blake. When he fought Doctor Dynamo, Arn discovered a piece of technology called the DeMolecularizer which allowed him to return to human form. Due to the threat of Dynamo however, Arn returned to being Ultra, sacrificing his humanity for the safety of others, when the machine was destroyed during the battle. Later, he was able to recreate the technology and create a Hyper-Converter that allowed him to switch between his form as Ace Arn and as Ultra.