A super-hero created by Steve Ditko and first published by Charlton Comics in Blue Beetle #1. The character was later picked up by DC Comics in the mid-80's after the demise of Charlton.

The Question was born Charles Victor Szasz and raised by nuns in a Catholic orphanage. As he grew older, he became a television reporter in Crown City. While there he met and became friends with Professor Aristotle Rodor. Using some of the Professor's inventions, Szasz, who was using the name Vic Sage, created an identity to fight crime. Using a special mask and gas created by Rodor, Sage is able to cover his face, seemingly becoming faceless and changing the color of his clothes and hair. Hence the Question was born.

The Question fought crime for many hears in Crown City, until Sage transferred to Hub City. After angering the corrupt government of the city, Sage was nearly killed and during his year's recovery, came under the care of Richard Dragon and the martial artist and assassin, Lady Shiva. Sage returned to Hub City a different man.

The Question helped to tear down the government led by Mayor Wesley Firman. The mayor's wife Myra began a campaign to clean up Hub City, eventually being elected mayor. For years, Sage helped her in her battle the corruption in the city. Of late, Sage has been traveling from town to town, battling corruption where he finds it, as the Question.