A super-hero team published by DC Comics. The Outsiders first appeared as a team in Brave and the Bold #200

Lucius Fox, an executive of Wayne Enterprises and personal friend of Bruce Wayne is kidnapped by Baron Bedlam and taken to Markovia, a small European country. Wayne, in his alternate identity as Batman goes to the Justice League and asks for their assistance in freeing Fox. The League refuses prompting Batman to resign from the group and go after Fox on his own with the help of another hero Black Lighting.

The duo arrives in Markovia to discover that the country is under attack by Bedlam, who seeks to take the throne from the new ruler Brion Markov. Markov undergoes a special process performed by Dr. Jace, a scientist, which gives him earth-based powers and goes to defend his country under the name of Geo-Force. Also aiding the defenders is Rex Mason, a former soldier of fortune and adventurer who had been transformed into Metamorpho, a being with a freakish appearance and the ability to change is form and substance into any element. Metamorpho had come to Markovia to get Dr. Jace's help in returning to his original form.

Batman also discovered two other allies against Baron Bedlam. One was in the form of an young woman with no memory, but various abilities based upon the color of light she generated. Batman nicknamed her Halo and the name stuck. The other was a Japanese woman, trained in the arts of the samurai and armed with the traditional Japanese swords. She was called Katana.

The group helped to stop Bedlam and banded together calling themselves the Outsiders, because of their misfit pasts and varied backgrounds. For a time the group was based out of Gotham City and was headed by Batman and were based out of the penthouse apartment of Bruce Wayne.

Eventually, Batman had a disagreement with the team members and they parted company. The group moved to the west coast of the United States and set up headquarters on an abandoned Markovian oil rig.

During this time, the group gained a couple of new members. One was a woman named Lia Briggs with mentally bases powers, including telekinesis and telepathy. She adventured under the name Looker. Two other members of the team included Windfall, a former member of the Masters of Disaster with the ability to fly and generate gusts of wind and the Atomic Knight, a scientist with a high tech suit of armor and weaponry.

The team adventured for a time, but eventually disbanded only to be drawn together again with additional members. These new members included:

The group adventured as two separate teams for a time, with a number of run-ins with the law and with other teams. Eventually the Outsiders disbanded.