A super-hero published by DC Comics.

Ray Palmer is the real name of the hero, the Atom. Palmer discovered a piece of a white dwarf star while a graduate student in physics. Palmer experimented with the white dwarf material, discovering a mechanism that enabled him to reduce both is mass and size. Fashioning himself a costume, Palmer became the smallest of heroes, the Atom.

The Atom served as a member of the Justice League fighting along side Superman, Batman, and other members. The Atom used his powers to visit sub-atomic worlds and to fight the forces of evil. Eventually, all of the Atom's adventures took a toll on his marriage and he and his wife divorced. Soon afterward, Palmer was believed killed in the Amazon jungle, but in fact, he was living with a group of aliens who had settled there. The aliens were six inches tall and had a primative society. Palmer helped them defeat their tyrant king and lead them for a time, until they were killed by corrupt government officials.

The Atom returned to the United States and was active for a time in his home of Ivy Town. Then during the Zero Hour crisis, the Atom was deaged to his teenage years. He joined the Teen Titans for a time and served as their leader in the field. Eventually, Palmer was returned to his normal age and returned to teaching in Ivy Town.