A villain published by DC Comics. Poison Ivy first appeared in Batman #181 in 1966.

Pamela Elizabeth Isley was the daughter of socialite parents in the Pacific Northwest. A shy and quiet child, Pamela grew up starving for attention, as her parents were often busy with their social lives. Pamela was an excellent student, excelling in science and particularly botany. Pamela had an affinity for plants that she cultivated in her studies.

Because of her home life growing up, Pamela was eager for any type of attention and therefore, often ended up in abusive relationships. While in college, she became acquainted with Dr. Jason Woodrue. Woodrue was a well-known botany professor, who unbeknownst to the world at large was actually a native of an alternate dimension where an animal/plant hybrid was the dominant species. Woodrue, who was also known as the Floronic Man, used Isley in a series of experiments that changed her body chemistry and nearly killed her.

After Isley recovered from Woodrue's experiments, she attempted to find him to discover he had fled. Isley also discovered that she now had the ability to kill simply through her touch. This development drove Isley over the edge.

Isley traveled to Gotham City and adopted a new identity as Poison Ivy. She clashed with Gotham's defender Batman and Isley became infatuated with him. She tried on a number of occasions to gain control of the Dark Knight only to fail. Because she has been deemed mentally ill by the courts, Poison Ivy is usually incarcerated in Arkham Asylum.

Poison Ivy uses her natural ability to exude toxins to incapacitate, kill, and control her opponents. She also uses her knowledge of plants to create new hybrids to assist in her crimes. In the past, Poison Ivy has used giant Venus flytraps and choking vines in her schemes.

In the movie Batman and Robin, the character of Poison Ivy was played by Uma Thurman. Her origin was changed for the movie, having her die and return to life to gain her powers, though Jason Woodrue was the cause in both cases.