A supporting character published by DC Comics. Perry White first appeared in Superman #7 in November 1940.

Perry White is the hardnosed editor of the Daily Planet, Metropolis's main newspaper. White has two origins. Originally, White became the editor of the Planet after working his way up through the ranks, having started as a newsboy in the 1930's. He was a correspondent during World War II and returned to the states to become famous for his stories exposing organized crime. He eventually became editor of the Daily Planet where he distinguished himself by building a paper that is known the world over.

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths reboot, Perry White's origin changed. White was born and raised in Suicide Slum, one of the worst areas of Metropolis. He became a copy boy for the Planet while still a child and rose up through the ranks. As a young reporter, he was friends with rising business man Lex Luthor, until he became suspicious of Luthor's business practices. Luthor arranged for White to go out of the country on assignment to put him off the trail. In the meantime, White's fiance, Alice, and Luthor had an affair, resulting in Alice becoming pregnant. Alice broke off the affair with Luthor without realizing she was expecting and married White upon his return. The son was raised as Perry and Alice's child and was named Jerry.

White rose to become the managing editor of the Daily Planet. He built a reputation as a tough but fair newspaper man. In past years, he has discovered his wife's infidelity and that Jerry is not his son. Unfortunately, Jerry was killed and the strain of all of this caused White and his wife to split up for a time. They have since reunited and are raising an orphan boy that they have adopted.

Perry White is often portrayed as a heavyset man with a penchant for cigars. He is famous for his exclamation "Great Caesar's Ghost!"

White has been portrayed through the years on both stage and screen by a variety of actors. On the Superman television series, Perry White was portrayed by John Hamilton. The Superman movies cast Jackie Cooper in the roll, while Lane Smith played the role in Lois and Clark: the Adventures of Superman series.