A super-hero created by Bob Haney and Ramona Fradon for DC Comics. Metamorpho first appeared in The Brave and the Bold 57.

Metamorpho's real name is Rex Mason. Rex was an adventurer by trade, eventually falling to life as a mercenary. He eventually met and fell in love with Sapphire Stagg, daughter of millionaire Simon Stagg. Stagg disapproved of the relationship between Mason and his daughter and hired Rex to recover the Orb of Ra, a legendary object of power. Accompanied by Stagg's right-hand man, Java, Mason traveled to Egypt in search of the Orb. During the search, Java, who had become smitten with Sapphire, attacked Mason and left him to die.

Mason recovered and while searching for a way out of the pyramid he was in, uncovered the Orb of Ra, which turned out to be a meteor. The meteor's radiation transformed Mason, making him grotesque but giving him the ability to transform himself into any element. According, to the writer, this ability has at times had certain limitations. Some have only allowed Rex to be transformed into any element in the human body, while others have even allowed him to transform into compounds.

Using his new ability, Rex escaped from the pyramid, to return to Stagg. Stagg agreed to help Mason, now dubbed Metamorpho, to become human again, as long as Mason would use his powers to aid Stagg. Mason then engaged in a career as a super-hero, eventually becoming connected with the team of super-powered heroes known as the Outsiders.

During his tenure with the Outsiders, Metamorpho married his long-time love Sapphire Stagg and eventually was killed in action during one of his adventures.

Super-hero comics being what they are, heroes rarely stay dead very long. During the Invasion series in DC Comics, aliens released a bomb which caused wild fluctuations in the powers of any super-powered individual. One side effect of this was the resurrection of Metamorpho. Suffering memory loss, Mason joined the Justice League's European branch for a time. During his tenure there, Metamorpho was reunited with his wife, learning that he had a son who had inherited his father's ability to transform elements, but in the case of his son, the child had the ability to change the elements around him, not of his own body.

But happiness was not in the future for Rex. In JLA #1, aliens attacked the Justice League satllite, killing Metamorpho.

Thanks to Jet-Poop for pointing out the events of JLA #1 and that the character is currently on the deceased list.