A character created by Jack Kirby and published by DC Comics. Kamandi first appeared in Kamandi #1.

On the planet Vision, a group of aliens discovered a way to predict the future with a high degree of accuracy. They attempted to stop the Great Disaster from occurring on Earth by traveling there and changing history as the Global Peace Agency. They transformed a normal human named Buddy Blank into OMAC, the One Man Army Corps.

The aliens ultimately failed and the Great Disaster occurred nearly wiping out all humans and those that survived were thrown back into a nearly feral state. At the same time, experiments on animals created animals that spoke and walked upright. These animal men began to be the dominant life form on the Earth.

One of the few survivors of the Great Disaster was Buddy Blank. Living in a bunker in New York, Buddy survived and raised his orphaned grandson. He taught his grandson about the world that had been before through microfilm that survived in the bunker. One of the greatest things that was lost during the Great Disaster was one of those baby name books, because the child was named after the bunker in which he lived. The bunker was called Command D so the boy was given the name Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth.

When his grandfather was killed by a group of wolf men out hunting, Kamandi fled into the wasteland. He was eventually befriended by a dog man scientist named Doctor Canus. He also met and worked with a trio of scientists from a science enclave. Because of the radiation of the Great Disaster, the group had the ability to transform into living metal. The most memorable of this group was Ben Boxer.

The Crisis on Infinte Earths wiped out Kamandi's timeline. Kamandi will instead grow up to be Tommy Tomorrow.