A group of super-heroes formed by Dr. Mist for the Dome. The Global Guardians were published by DC Comics.

In 1957, nations apart from the United States and the U.S.S.R. formed the Dome. The Dome acted as an international police force, overseeing the activities of the super-heroes from the member nations. Some of these heroes were gathered together by Dr. Mist to act as a team to take on international threats. The team was dubbed the Global Guardians.

The membership over the years changed with different individuals from different nations making up the teams. Below is a list of those who have been part of the Global Guardians and where available, the nation they represented:

Dr. Mist
Knight & Squire/England
The Legionary/Italy
Green Fury-Green Flame-Fire/Brazil
Ice Maiden-Ice/Norway
Rising Sun/Japan
Tasmanian Devil/Australia
Wild Huntsman/Germany
Jack O'Lantern/Ireland
Tuatara/New Zealand
Owlwoman/United States
Impala/South Africa
Little Mermaid/Denmark

The Dome and the Global Guardians were disbanded after they lost funding when from the United Nations. Three of their members (Fire,Ice, and Tasmanian Devil) became members of the Justice League.