A member of the Heroes of Lallor.

Sev Tcheru is the real name of Evolvo Lad. Sev was born to parents exposed to the radiation from an atomic accident that destroyed the continent of Antillar on their home planet of Lallor. Sev was born with the ability to evolve into a future being or devolve into a primative ancestor. Calling himself Evolvo Lad, Sev and four other youth with extra-ordinary powers became the Heroes of Lallor. Sev and the other Heroes of Lallor used their powers to protect their home and occassionally, the galaxy. The Heroes of Lallor came to the aid of the Legion of Super-Heroes on a number of occassions.

One can imagine that Evolvo was an extremely unpopular hero among the creationist citizens of Lallor.