Queen to Artaxerxes.

Born of the nation of Israel, Esther (whose real name was Hadassah) became one of the Artaxerxes' many wives, due to her great beauty. When her people were threatened by the schemes of one of the king's advisors, Naman, Esther was called upon by her uncle Mordecai to take her people's case before the king.

Esther, endangering her life by going into the king's presence uninvited, asks him and Naman to dinner. Meanwhile, Naman plots the death of Mordecai, Esther's uncle, but is thwarted when Mordecai is honored by the king for warning him of an assassination attempt. Naman returns to have dinner with the king and his queen only to be accused of plotting the death of all of Esther's people. The king has Naman hung and Esther convices the king to allow her people to defend themselves when attacked.