A hero first published in 1973 by Charlton Comics. E-Man was created by Nicola Cuti and Joe Stanton. E-Man has since been published by First Comics and Comico.

The being who would become the hero E-Man was created as the result of a star going supernova. Part of the resulting explosion was a sentient energy being, who wandered the universe, eventually finding its way to Earth. Once on Earth, it began to observe the inhabitants, finally making its way, like any good energy being into the dressing room of an exotic dancer. Disguising itself as a lightbulb, the energy being struck up a conversation with the dancer in question Nova Kane. Eventually with Kane's help, the being took on the form of a man and named himself E-Man after the E in Einstein's equation.

E-Man possessed the ability to transform himself into any type of matter. This allowed his entire body or any part of his body to mimic the characteristics of any item. For instance, he could make his entire body a car, or his hand a fan. He could also transform himself into any type of energy.

Along with Kane, E-Man began adventures around the globe. On his off-time, E-Man adopted the identity of Alec Tronn though he was obviously E-Man. Kane gained powers similar to E-Man's during one of their adventures.

Other supporting characters in the series included private investigator Mike Mauser and a pet koala named Teddy.