Here is a letter I received from a boyhood friend.

He was one of my best friends growing up in the Neighborhood. We did just about everything together. You know the kind of friendship that makes you part of his family, and he part of yours. Well it was like that until he went and got hooked up with a girl from the next town over. From that day on, they were inseparable. I was tossed out like the bath water. Here's what happened.


I am writing you to tell you that I never meant to hurt you. I know what I did was not the kindest thing a guy can to a friend. At the time, I had in my mind that I was helping you. I think as you read, you will see that I did end up helping you.

Things didn't work out between Miranda and I after these 7 years. We did have some fun time together. She did speak of you often. How you were so sweet all of the time. Even after I came into her life. You see, I was so hurt when you found her to replace me. I was in love with you. I know I never told you this. Maybe things would have ended up different. When you went off to college, I filled the void in her life. I now need to tell you that Miranda has left me for some guy she met on the Internet. They have been chatting for about six months. I never suspected a thing until on day she came home from work real late. I asked where she had been. She stumbled on her words. She had gone out to dinner with this man. She then proceeded to tell me she was leaving me for him.

So in the long run, I have saved you from this terrible heartache that I am feeling. I am on my way out to San Francisco to fly in the wind between the golden deck and the wet surface.

Love, Charles