Ghost 2138 is a webcomic drawn by Alex Abdoulaev and written by Greg Muir. It follows the adventures of one Alex LaCroix (a.k.a. "Ghost") and his particularly mediocre life as the pianist for the last Jazz Bar on the planet. The world has pretty much gone to hell in a handbasket after World War 3, micro-scale industry technology running rampent, and the impotence of world governments. The world is stagnant and everything has been lodged in status quo for quite a while.

Other supporting characters include Shelly, Alex's younger sister; Siobhan, a "felisanthrope" (feline-human hybrid) with a very cynical outlook; and Commissar Eric Hartmann, a somewhat reluctant police platoon commander with a small pastry problem; just to name a few.

Ghost 2138 has action, romance, and Alex (The one in the comic) making an idiot out of himself! Yay! It's quite unique with excellent art and writing.

The comic is sorted as a real comic book, with issues, but is updated every week on Sundays with the addition of typically four pages to the current issue. My personal favorite part is the Weekly Rant™ on the main page :).