Eversummer Eve is a webcomic written and drawn by one D.S. Jones. The story starts off looking at Griffin McBride, your typical new-to-campus college student with, "The common sense of a turnip". One night he was off looking for photos for class when he runs in to a group of street ruffians. Of course, having the common sense of a turnip, he decides to follow them and get pictures of them for his class. When the street ruffians catch up to him intending battle, Griffin discovers a strange and unusual power within himself.

Of course, this display takes place on the lawn of Libra Juliano. She's a kind girl, a few years older then Griffin, who has inherited the job of helping others with their metaphysical troubles. The display she sees in her lawn is somewhat frightening to her, but she takes it in stride and finds out some interesting things from Griffin (After a little... nudging).

A couple other supporting characters are Alasdair Mcbride, Griffin's brother who ran away from home years ago and isn't exactly the nicest person on Earth; Rillan, leader of the street ruffians that Griffin ran in to who is not exactly happy with what happened to his friend; and my personal favorite character, Amadan, a very mysterious man who always has his gentlemanly airs, but has a penchant for showing up in the oddest of places.

The comic is sorted as a book with chapters, and is updated every Monday, with the addition of typically two pages. The writing is very nice and flows very well. The art, however, is superb, drawing from fantasy and anime styles. The comic is still in it's beginning stages, but the story is proceeding nicely.