Saber Marionette J is a Japanese TV series created by anime artist Akahori Satoru.

The story of SMJ began with the overpopulation of Earth, forcing a mass migration off into space. One of these migrating vessels, the Mesopotamia, malfunctioned near the planet of Terra 2. Only six survivors made it to Terra 2, all of which were male.

In order to prosper on Terra 2, these six survivors took to cloning versions of themselves, which could be males only. (Not realistically, I realize, but yes, male only in the Saber Marionette universe.) The only memory of the human female is in the form of androids, called marionettes. They are mainly unfeeling robots that do menial chores for the men on Terra 2.

However, 300 years after the malfunction of the Mesopotamia, Otaru Mamiya of Japoness (one of the six countries of Terra 2, one for each of the original six survivors) awakens Lime, a marionette unlike the others. Soon thereafter, he awakens two more, Cherry and Bloodberry. These three marionettes possess maiden circuits, which allows them to feel, or have a heart. They team up with Otaru to fight against Faust and along the way, realize the purpose of their maiden circuits.