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I know that somewhere someone is askin "why can God let innocent people die?". The reason God can let innocent people die is because the minute we have a sense of right and wrong after we are born, we are deemed a sinner by God. Also if you look at it, why would you want to live on earth anyway, our future eternal home is in heaven(for those that have accepted God's free gift of eternal life) anyway. we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. it says it in the bible. The only way to spend eternity with God in heaven is to accept his free gift. Its like at christmas or on your birthday, someone bought a gift for you, its sitting there with your name on it, all you have to do is take it. God's gift is the same way, just talk to him, ask him to come into your heart and save you from spending eternity in hell. Ask him to forgive you of any sin that you have comitted, and he will forgive you. Tell him that you want to start living for him and that you want to help others seek him, if you feel this way. just talk to him, he can hear you.

Where did this free gift come from? God gave his son Jesus as a sacrifice to die on a cross as a criminal. Jesus took all the sins on his body and died, he was buried and rose again three days after he died, free of sin. Now some may ask where the sin went. When Jesus died he went to hell, because he had taken the sin onto his body, and God provided him to leave the sin there and return unto him. This sacrifice showed the people that they didn't have to sacrifice animals anymore to forgive sins, they could just call unto God and ask him to forgive their sins. This sacrifice also shows us the imense love that God has for us, he was willing to sacrifice his own son that we may have eternal life with him. He could have just left us to die, but he didn't. He could have said find your own way to live forever, but he didn't. He gave his son for us so that we would be saved.

Now I know that there are some of you that say well it can't possibly be that easy. How easy is it to accept a gift from someone? Very easy. Some of you might say that God can't forgive me, I've done too many bad things. God can forgive anyone of anything no matter what they have done. Believe me no one is perfect, we are all going to mess up sometime(even I have messed up, and messed up big time), you just have to ask God to forgive you and he will. Some might say that people will persacute me for following God. Let me tell you I have been persacuted many times for believing in God. Whenever I get in a bind I just ask God to help me have clarity of mind and say what needs to be said to prove that he exists today. I also spend time each day reading his word, the Bible, so I can be prepared. I also go to curch when I can. Being at church helps me understand and learn about the bible more. I also love being with others that Believe in God. So If you ever need help understanding anything please e-mail me at