It's been awhile, since i last put bytes to data storage. Since August 18, 2008, I have spent some time in Atlanta. It was an interesting diversion to what I consider my real life. I had a lot of fun with the people I worked with. I did things that I don't normally do(Like knock on a unknown neighbor's door), and things turned out for the better.

Since then I have moved to Athens, GA. I'm now attending the University of Georgia, working on a Ph.D in Computer Science. My plan is to focus on Aritificial Intelligence, specifically in the realm of Natural Language Processing/Understanding. I'll probably end up with a Linguistics minor as well. I'm actually nearing the end of my first semester, today being my last day of classes, and exams starting at the end of next week.

I think that I've made a good impression on the people there. And I really look forward to continuing to do so. I am very much enjoying my time there.