I woke up today with a weird situation on E2.

I originally wrote a node that I thought would be ironic and even a bit useful. It was my 25th writeup, and it got me promoted to level 2. I'm not really an XP whore, but I was wanting to get to level 2 so I could express my feelings about other people's writeups. There have been so many good factual writeups that I felt deserved some recognition that I couldn't wait to vote on them.

Well, someone immediately slapped my writeup down with the "noding about nodes" link and the reputation started to fall. I understand the need for less self-referential writeups on E2, but it was my first one I tried.

The reputation hovered at -3 for a while, so I decided to nuke it. But during that time I was still allowed to vote. And vote I did.

This morning, I woke up and checked my E2 status. I was back to level 1, but I still had 10 votes! Obviously I was assigned the votes and then they nuked the two writeups (original and nuke request), dropping me down to 24 writeups. So now I have a day to wander E2 as one of the rare level 1 voters. I feel so honoured.

I intend to use this power for good, not evil.