Okay, I've been kicking around E2 for a couple of weeks now, adding new nodes every so often. I was up to 10 nodes (not an X-noder, since that seems to be set for 10,000 nodes, not 10), and I had 41XP. I'm not bragging, just setting up the facts. I decide to add another node about Pitcher Abuse Points (fantasy baseball analysis statistic). It's nothing that I expect people to really NEED to know, but it's a pretty interesting metric for evaluation purposes. When I finish the write-up, I add a bunch of soft links, admire my work and move on to other parts of the web.

Fine and dandy...or so I thought. I'm about to go to bed (it's after midnight (EST) here on the east coast) and decide to visit the E2 Node Tracker. It had been a day or so since I visited it, and I think it's a fantastic tool. I'm just curious to see if anyone had voted on any of my nodes (up or down, its all good to me...down means I have to work harder on the nodes I write...up means I've written something someone likes). I log in, and up comes the data.

One node created (PAP), one node getting a + (PAP) and one node getting a - (ironically, my last daily log entry). No problem there. But when I check my XP, it has plummeted to 32; a drop of _9_ points! I'm stunned. I thought it would be going up 1 point (for the new node). That (-9) marker beside my XP in the node tracker stands out like a sore thumb. But then I ask myself

"How did it drop so far without any negative votes?"

So if anyone knows how it happened, please tell me how. Feel free to /msg me the answer. Until then, I'll just have to assume it's just a karmic thing and keep on noding.